Guide on SEO Image Optimization

Search engine optimization itself is a huge platform. From ranking websites to creating meta tags and alt tags, SEO involves different parts. Business owners who are familiar with the best SEO services and practices know its importance. Putting your efforts into every single needed detail will only strengthen your website’s SEO, which will make a huge difference in your search engine rankings.

One of the essential steps in SEO is – Images.

Images not only attract viewers but are also useful for SEO strategy. Most of the time, digital marketers let it slip through the cracks. Image optimization can give you a competitive edge to add keywords to the search engine ranking pages.

Just like SEO, image SEO optimization involves several steps that let the search engines see the potency of a website, and at the same time can improve visitor’s experience. This means, image optimization will not only increase your chances of visitors to find you but will also make them like your website when they click on the targeted URL.

What is Image SEO?

Your website looks incomplete without images. More than the content, it is the graphics that visitors connect with the most. Search engine algorithms keep on changing, the things that bear importance decades ago are considered as a penalty by search engines, for example, keyword stuffing.

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With more and more advancements in machine learning, it has become essential for digital marketers and SEO professionals to create websites that follow the guidelines of search engines. All the top SEO agencies in Atlanta ensure to conduct image optimization.

The algorithms developed to provide additional information regarding the graphics to search engines, helping them to understand the web page and its content, which plays a critical role in boosting search engine rankings and website visibility. Adding to this, it also leads to the image appearing on Google search.

Why Optimize Images for SEO?

Images ensure that your website is attractive, alluring, engaging, and accessible to users. And when it comes to search engines, these images provide contextual information. Other than this, image optimization helps in increasing the webpage loading speed, which directly puts a positive impact on search engine rankings and user engagement.

Image SEO is conducted to present a high-quality image into a compatible format, resolution, and size that will not hamper the loading speed of the website. Whenever a high definition image is used on websites, the page takes a sufficient amount of time to load, which puts a negative impact on the search engine as well as visitors. This also can increase bounce rate, which directly affects your website performance on SERP.

Thus, SEO experts are asked for image optimization. The image’s size is reduced without compromising its quality, the website performance will improve, page loading speed will increase, and website visitors will have an enriching experience.

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